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Events 2019  - 2021




Amber Crosthwaite - LAVAN

October 2020

Disability Royal Commission Interim Report 

Regulated Restrictive practices and consent in WA 

NDISLINK Events and Conferences 

Samantha Jenkinson - NDIS State Director WA NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission


20th August 2021
Obligations of NDIS providers under the NDIS Practice Standards and the NDIS Code of Conduct 

Obligations of Aged Care providers under the NDIS Practice Standards and the NDIS Code of Conduct


Amazing displays at Crown Ballroom Perth and a program to include Aged care saw over 200 in attendance 

2021 NDISLINK Events and Conferences and Health2Ageducate boasted excellent presenters in WA and a diverse audience of Health Design and Build's ADEB Health and Aged Care, Architects, Builders, Facility Managers, Aged Care clinical managers, care managers, executives, NDIS registered providers, SDA Providers, Builders, Investors 

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Past seminars and conferences

Access Design and Build 



29th August 2018

Bruce Bromley | Equal Access Consultants

Ramp and Stair Compliance 


3rd October 2018

The Rising Risks of Vertical Schools for People with Disability Early Learning -> Tertiary


19th June 2019

Chris Maclean - Local Government NSW Senior Policy officer; Ageing and Disability

Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) - Local Government NSW


19th June 2019

Bruce Bromley | Equal Access Consultants

BCA update for Accessibility by people with a disability - SDA

The NCC 2019 Amendments 


  • New verification Methods DV2 and DV3 relating to accessible paths of travel and ramps

  • Accessible locations for push buttons (where provided) at exit doors (D2.21)

  • Amendment to D3.5 to clarify how an accessible parking bay is treated for smaller developments

  • Signage concession addition for sanitary facilities within Class 9c aged care buildings (D3.6)

  • Reference to a sole occupancy unit in a Class 1b building corrected to refer to a bedroom instead under D3.6

  • Sentence case’ has been corrected to ‘title case’ when referring to the format to be used for tactile characters on Braille & tactile signs under Specification D3.6

  • A double up clause has been removed under D3.9 regarding the representative nature of Wheelchair Seating Spaces and Specification D3.10 relating to the entry gradient in a swimming pool

  • ‘Sanitary towels’ has been replaced by ‘sanitary products’ (F2)

  • Requirement for Adult Access Change Facilities in certain shopping centres, sports venues, passenger use areas within public transport buildings, museums, art galleries & theatres

  • AS 1428.1: 2009 Amendment No. 2 has been referenced. Amdt 2 relates to width between ramp handrails under Figure 14 of the Standard

  • AS 4586 Amendment No. 1 has been referenced for slip resistance for pedestrian surfaces

Accessible adult change facilities in Public Buildings 2019 ;  
Expert Judgement ; Performance Solutions

Stair Nosing Compliance & Legal Ramifications 

​What are the prescriptive Requirements for Nosings?
AS 1428.1:2009 Design for access and mobility Part 1: General requirements for access —New building work ;

11.1 Stair Construction 


Understand Ramifications for Individuals

  • the apartment’s architect,

  • the building surveyor,

  • the building inspector,

  • the developer, and

  • the building manager


18th October 2019

​Lynda Wilem - Philip Chun 

Emergency Evacuation of People with a disability 


3rd Dec 2020

Bruce Bromley | Equal Access Consultants

Emergency evacuation by people with a disability from SDA 

Luminance contrast in the built environment


New changing places design and specifications 



3rd Dec 2020

Amber Crosthwaite - Lavan

​Specialist Disability Accommodation - Procurement Structures and other Legal Issues


20th August 2021

Richard Scott Morris Godding Consultants

Ambulant Access in AS1428.1 and alternative technologies

​Consideration of the difference between wheelchair , ambulant , and the lessor known impairments that benefit from ambulant compliance.

Compliance with AS1428.1-2009 doesn’t mean safe, easy, or satisfy the DDA.

The difference between knowing compliance but understanding why it’s required.

Section D3.4 of the BCA and when it’s applicable.

Accessible Design for Universal Access & Hidden Disabilities - the NCC & DDA Claims



24th March 2021

Snapshot of Specialist Disability Accommodation in WA

Development Management models for SDA

Managing Specialist Disability Accommodation - Tenancy Management & Regulatory Compliance

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